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Courthouse Steps

Immediate funding & support for Personal Injury Victims, Legal Offices, Attorneys, Health Service Providers & Legal Experts.

Our mission to help injury victims only works when our attorneys are able to fight the giant forces of large insurers, corporate law firms, and paid injury deniers.


We Help Cover Personal Injury Cases, Medical Malpractice, Mass Torts & Commercial Damage Cases

Vitality Health Supports You!

  • Free inclusion in our National PI/WC Provider referral network!

  • Can we pay for your medical experts?

  • Can we provide funds for your injury victims?

  • Can we provide funds directly to your law firm to fund your litigation?

  • Can we pay your injury victims medical bills?

  • Can we provide medical and economic expert case review to successfully build your case? 

  • Can we refer business to your firm?

  • Contact us right now!

Receive immediate cash flow and remove all of your risk of non-collection. We offer non-recourse support meaning after we pay you, if your claims are denied, we do not seek any reimbursement from you

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