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After you or a loved one has been harmed during a medical procedure or during a course of treatment, these are the key questions to see if your injury is malpractice.

You may not know the answers, but these are the questions:

1. Is the treatment you received normal for the condition you were being treated for?

2. Do the authorization and consent forms you signed mention the injury sustained as a possible outcome?

3. Were you sedated or compromised when you consented to the procedure?

4. Did the health care provider indicate to you that they harmed you by mistake in any written communication or texts?

5. Did you have pre-existing conditions?

6. Was the cause of harm or death completely unrelated to the condition you were being treated for?

7. Does the facility have a history of issues?

8. Are the records incomplete, missing, or altered?

The big picture is that fighting to expose the harm done to you establishes a foundation for change so others don't suffer the same fate or consequences.

It's really important you speak up and shine a light on what happened to you, so others can be protected right now and in the future.

Always at your service,

Dr. Mitchell Holland

Director and Injury Expert

for Vitality Health Group Inc.

Ph: (619) 363-1195

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Apr 26, 2022

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