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Free Support to Injury Victims, Doctor Offices, & Attorneys

Vitality Health Assists the Injured. Over 30+ years of experience.


We provide free consultations to Injury Victims, Attorneys, and Doctors.


We consult, deeply review, and expertly report on injury cases and their devastating economic impact.


We also provide advance funds to injury victims, healthcare providers, medical accounts receivables, and attorneys on personal injury, medical malpractice, work comp, and commercial cases.

Our Doctors
How it Works

How It Works

Simply book a free session and one of our team members will contact you regarding your situation. We make the entire process as friendly and easy as possible!

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.

  • Book to receive Seed Funding for Projects and Expansion!

    30 min

  • Case Costs, Referrals, Expert Services & Costs, Litigation Financing

    30 min

  • Book now to get paid for your PI and Work Comp receivables

    30 min

  • Join us! Become an agent or partner today.

    30 min

  • Book now to obtain injury advance funding or an attorney referral

    30 min


"Dr. Holland is a true professional who gets the job done. He has helped me tremendously with my case. I highly recommend him for your lending needs."

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